Moe Hawk says: “Take down this racist flag!”

Moe Hawk 2Six Nations correspondent Moe Hawk today criticised the flying of the infamous ‘Stars and Stripes’ above public buildings across the USA.

“For too long this symbol of naked racial oppression has been allowed to appear in public, in the faces of the very people it has victimised over the centuries,” he said. “Ever since the first European expansionist set foot, uninvited, on this continent, claiming the land as their own, no treaty signed between us and them has remained unbroken – with the possible exception of William Penn’s treaty with the Lenni Lenape, and even that did not long survive his death. When the colonists and the Crown fought over whether the land ‘belonged’ to one or the other, they forced us to take sides. Those who allied themselves to the Crown were forced to flee to Canada. but even those who remained found themselves, eventually, driven further west, out of their traditional homes. Tribe after tribe was decimated, dispossessed, moved, even obliterated. Whole languages and cultures disappeared, as European expansionism rolled inexorably across the continent to the Pacific Ocean.”

“European Johnny-Come-Lately claims that this flag is his ‘culture’, his ‘heritage’, and ‘has nothing to do with racism’… claims it has to do with ‘liberty’ and ‘equality’. But really, ‘forked tongue’ doesn’t come close to describing such weasel words! Obviously, to paraphrase their own European George Orwell, some people are more equal than others. You Europeans should take a good, hard look at your history and, once and for all, take down this flag which flew over the troops responsible for every massacre and forced migration in Native Nations’ history. It is high time it was lowered for ever!”

stars & stripes


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