How does this grab you?

moe-hawk-2Our Six Nations correspondent Moe Hawk reports again on the political scene in America.

I’ve heard a lot of people mouthing off about ‘democracy’ lately, since the rise of your new Sachem who boasts of grabbing women somewhere. His rise, they say, is democracy at work, so suck it up. Well let me tell you about democracy.

We had it here, in the Six Nations, before you colonists had even heard of the word. It was based on local assemblies and consensus, and it was at these meetings that all important matters of policy and diplomacy were decided. No one there boasted of grabbing women. Far from it. Women were essential to our decision-making. Women could veto both war and peace treaties, decisions had to be ratified not only by seventy-five percent of the men but seventy-five percent of the women. Where elections to our mainly ceremonial Great Councils of Sachems was concerned, if a man overstepped his responsibilities, the oldest woman from his tribe could remove him. Women had a big voice amongst us.

Then you colonists came along, had your revolution, set up your ‘democracy’. How long was it before your women could even vote? How long will it be before your women don’t have to put up with men boasting about where they can grab them?

Just asking.


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