Not my pond, not my frogs*

Once upon a time there was a pond, and in that pond there was a community of frogs. They spent their time doing frog stuff, raising tadpoles, stuff like that. But one day they had the idea that there was something lacking in their lives. So they petitioned mighty Jupiter and said, “O Jupiter, greatest and best, send us a king to rule over us!”

king-storkJupiter, in his wisdom, chopped the limb off an oak tree and threw it into the pond. The frogs were delighted, and celebrated, calling their new monarch King Log I. but after a period of contentment, the frogs became dissatisfied again, and petitioned mighty Jupiter a second time. “O Jupiter, greatest and best,” they said, “this king you gave us doesn’t do anything, he just lies there. Send us a king that actually does something!”

Jupiter, in his wisdom, took away the log, and sent a stork instead. King Stork ate frogs at his leisure.

Moral: Well, if you really don’t get the moral without my telling you, you’re probable one of these frogs that has been going around waving a sign saying “Frogs for Stork”!


*Aesop, adapted by MM.


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